Matthew's Story

A Return to All the Sports He Loves, Thanks to MiSight®

From third to seventh grade, Matthew was dependent on glasses to see clearly, which often became a hindrance on the court and field while playing the sports he loved, to the point he had to quit some of his teams, which was not only a difficult decision for him, but also for his mother, Amber.

“When I found out about MiSight®, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this needs to be handed out to every parent out there who has kids in glasses,’” Amber says.

Her optometrist recommended MiSight® for Matthew since he was progressing, his myopia had already reached a moderate level, and he was within the age range of 8-12 for the contacts. At his one-year follow-up visit, Matthew and his mom had reason to celebrate since his vision had stabilized on MiSight®.

“Getting contacts definitely boosted my confidence with just doing what I used to do, and it just helped me get back to my normal self,” Matthew says. “With the glasses, I just saw like a box around my eyes and everything, but the contacts are just like a new pair of eyes.”